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Dental Implants

Tired of dealing with missing teeth or loose-fitting dentures? It’s time to consider dental implants.

Dental implants have surpassed dentures as the preferred method of replacing missing teeth largely due to the fact that they are a more permanent and reliable solution than removable dentures. Dental implants mimic the function of natural teeth and allow recipients to eat, speak, and smile normally. Dental implants also help prevent the bone deterioration that can occur when a tooth is missing.

Dental Implant Surgery from on Vimeo.

The dental implant procedure includes two distinct phases:

Phase One

  • Schedule a consultation/evaluation with Dr. McDonald to determine the feasibility of dental implants for your unique situation.
  • Should dental implants be the best treatment option, Dr. McDonald will surgically place small titanium posts into your gum line (buried below the gum or just visible at the gum line depending on your situation). Patients typically feel little to no pain during this procedure; in fact, many patients find they do not even need pain medication during the healing process.

Phase Two

  • After Phase One of the implant procedure, patients undergo a “healing period” of a few months to ensure that the implant becomes secure in the jawbone. You will be seen by Dr. McDonald a few times during the healing process to verify that everything is going as planned.
  • Once the titanium posts implanted in Phase One become secure in the jawbone, an abutment is attached to the implant allowing a restorative dentist to create your new tooth/teeth. This is a non-surgical procedure that does not typically require local anesthesia.

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